Farm Stand Peach Cobbler

I’m lucky enough to live down the road from Scholl Orchards. They’ve been a longtime Bethlehem, PA staple. Their farm stand encompasses both the orchards and their farm out near Hawk Mountain. They are open daily from July on and then drop back hours into the Fall months.  It’s a delight to go and choose my produce knowing that it is locally gown with care by people who are warm and welcoming. You always know what is fresh by keeping an eye on signs out by the road.


fruit stand

I’m a regular shopper here, and I was able to coax Martha (one of the Scholl family members) into sharing a favorite recipe with me (and she gave permission to share it here, too!

peach cobbler

Here is the step by step:

Start with some Scholl’s peaches. They are all delicious but ask Martha or her mother, Faith Scholl to give you some pointers on choosing the best ones for this dish.

peaches and flowers

Preheat your oven and melt your butter. I do this in the microwave using a microwave-safe dish.

butter dish

Slice your peaches. You don’t need to peel them


Mix all your dry ingredients together.


Add the sliced peaches on top of the melted butter

Then add the batter on toppeach batter

Bake for 40-45 minutes

finished peaches

Serve ( I added some vanilla ice cream on the side). My vanilla ice cream came from another Bethlehem institution, Bethlehem Dairy Store (the Cup), over on Linden street

finished peach crisp

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small dollop of Bethlehem, PA food culture. If you’ve eaten at Scholl’s, I’d love your comments about this amazing place.


Sadie (in the truck) is a 5th generation Scholl employee!